About Me

My art journey started with makeup. I used to be obsessed with makeup. I had 30 lipsticks that I swear were all a different shade of dusty rose. It wasn’t unusual for me to rock a messy bun, sweats, and a face full of makeup that looked like it belonged on a red carpet.

Then I became a mom.

Then 2020 happened.

Spending 30+ minutes to put on makeup that was ultimately going to wind up rubbed off in my mask or washed down the drain suddenly didn’t do it for me anymore.

I was bare-faced. I was bored.

On a whim I started playing around with some cheap watercolors in a notebook. Despite the dull, chalky colors, and the warped paper, I felt a spark. All the things I loved about makeup – playing with color, perfecting new skills, and hoarding fancy supplies – were waiting for me in the watercolor world. Even better, after a painting session I had something tangible to show for it.

I’ve now been painting for over a year. Watercolor has become more than just a creative outlet for me. In addition to learning brush strokes, glazing techniques, and pigment properties, watercolor has taught me patience, focus, and acceptance of imperfection.

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